Motorola Talkabout® Two-Way Radios

Launching our Motorola Talkabout® Two-Way Radios to consumers did not come without questions from the skeptics. The answer, however, made itself quite clear right away. FRS/GMRS radios solve some very basic lifestyle issues - affordably. Skiers and hunters are rarely in cell phone range, families find them a better option for children, hikers have more freedom to roam, etc. You get the picture.

Making products that fit one’s lifestyle is key. Solve a problem for them and you’re in business. That sentiment dominates our new product development from concept through marketing strategy.

The right product, with the right features, to the right people.

We carry this through our 2005 two-way radios. Longer range that really works. Feature loaded models like the SX700 that gives on demand weather updates, voice-activated hands-free communication, along with a host of features serious adventurers need.  

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